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Why the nation’s love of microwave meals, takeaways, junk food and sugar overload  in general is doing us more harm than smoking!

A poor diet is now THE NUMBER ONE cause affecting our health, causing 11% of illness – just a bit more than smoking. A recent study in the Lancet reports that 40% of NHS resources are spent dealing with unhealthy lifestyle factors like unhealthy eating habits and obesity.

The good news is, it’s all totally preventable with  the top man in the NHS saying that ‘Cutting down on junk food diets, couch potato lifestyles, cigarettes and alcohol could make us one of the healthiest places to live in the world’

So is it more difficult for single people to have a healthy lifestyle and eat well?

  • More than 1.8 million of us eat a microwave meal every day! That’s an awesome amount of microwaves ‘pings’ going off up and down the land
  • The good news is that almost half of all single people feel that cooking from scratch is more economical than buying a ready meal;(they cook in bulk and freeze the excess)
  • The downside is that they’re not happy about the expense of food shopping for one, compared to two or more. Single people feel overlooked when it comes to supermarket promotions, – how many of us need BOGOFs, – buy one get one free?
  • Faced with challenging times and rising food costs, almost a quarter of single home dwellers have cut back on luxury items and treats.

So whether you’re already an accomplished cook (please invite me round if you are!), you’re learning as you go, looking for something quick but relatively healthy to make,  or just looking for some ideas? then check out the recipes for one that we are starting to collect and take a look at some of the ingenious ways we’ve come up with of saving money on your food budget and eating well at the same time.