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5 tips to cope with being single in 2018

Are you ready to embrace being single this year?

Being single can be a challenge for sure whether you are newly single, or have been single for a long time, it can be a struggle. We read many comments from our facebook followers  recently about how they had not had a good year in 2017. So we thought we’d take a look with you at some ideas to make a few improvements to help you enjoy being single in 2018.

1. Smile more – being single can be joyful

You may thank that being single there is little to smile about. Smiling in itself is however actually guaranteed to lift your mood. Smiling can release stress and induce feelings of happiness. The very good news is that even a fake smile will actually positively change your brain chemistry, so you can start with that even if you don’t find much to be happy about yet. Smiling also has a strong power of attraction and is contagious. Go ahead try it! Let us know what happens when you do, how many people smiled back? how did you feel at the end of a positively smiling day?

2. Join a group of like minded people – being single need not be lonely

A major problem with being single for many is isolation and loneliness. When all your friends are married or in relationships they tend to forget about you, or be just be too busy to fit you in. The good news is that the internet makes connecting with groups of like minded people pretty straight forward. If you would like some virtual friends there are many groups on facebook that will allow you to connect with like minded people. If you would like to get out and about and meet real people take a look at “meetup”. Meetup has groups for all kinds of interests and activities for singles and non singles too. If you don’t find a group you like, why not start one!

3. Try something new – being single can be fun

Being single can mean that you feel left out, get bored and start staying in more. This in turn of course makes you more bored, more left out and can lead to deeper problems of depression and loneliness. So why not break the downward cycle and try something new this year to give yourself a positive boost. Our website gives you some ideas to get you started here. Join a choir, try dancing and am-dram are just a few options. If you have more ideas do let us know!

4. Learn something – being single can be interesting

Keeping your brain active can help you feel good about yourself and lead to new opportunities. Learning something could be achieved from simply reading a book or doing an online workshop. You could attend a regular evening class or book onto a one off training course. Your new knowledge could lead to a new job or career, or simply keep you moving in a positive direction. So how do you get started? We would suggest that you take a look what is available at your local adult education classes and see what inspires you.

5. Try a new dating strategy – being single can be romantic

Being single and dating can be really frustrating and disappointing, we know, but it CAN also be fun. If you have been using the same online dating site or dating app for a while now and getting nowhere, why not try a new site. Give your profile a complete revamp for 2018. Does your photo show what a great person you are? Does your text make someone want to know more? Do you sound positive? Like attracts like, so if your profile is filled with negatives and things you don’t want, sadly that is what you are likely to attract! So get on and change those negatives to a sunny positive, for example saying you want somebody honest and faithful is far better than saying you don’t want a lying cheat! You can read more dating tips here. Could 2018 be the year you find love?

So in summary if you want to enjoy being single this year we recommend the following pointers:

  1. Smile on a regular basis
  2. Try something new
  3. Join a group of like minded people
  4. Learn something to keep your brain active
  5. Revamp your dating strategy


Being single has many challenges for sure, but there ARE also advantages to be grabbed. You CAN choose to enjoy your freedom and get out there. We hope you will try some of our suggestions to make 2018 a great year for being single. Good luck!

We’d love to hear what positive ideas you have for enjoying being single in 2018, please comment below or tell us on facebook.