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Welcome to Just4one – the online community and one stop source of information, news and tips  for single people

The secrets in our name.  Just as it says on the tin, With information from the governments census office yesterday that 51% of us are in someway shape or form are now single,  Just4one has been set up to provide a ONE stop source of useful information for single people and anyone  else looking for information for one.  Looking to make your life easier and act as your champion.

Whether your single status is temporary or permanent, planned or otherwise you’ll find all sorts of independent information dedicated to help you  on all sorts of topics,  from financial tips to holiday and travel, news and information to help you find your way around the property and rental market  through new ideas and inspiration for getting out and about and meeting new people.

We’re also going to have a bit of a rant on your behalf from time to time,  politely championing our cause and  if that doesn’t work, making a general nuisance of ourselves. If there’s anything you think we should know about in terms of ‘singles unfairness’, now’s your opportunity to get someone on side.

So whatever your single  circumstances, temporary or otherwise, we’ll be taking a positive approach to single status in all sorts of ways.

We are really passionate about just4one, so we hope you like what we do. If you do or don’t we positively welcome your feedback and your comments and tips.

We’re excited, we hope you are too – spread the word!

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