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Home Buy & Key Worker Schemes

The Key Worker Housing Eligibility scheme is one of a number of HomeBuy schemes introduced by the government to offer financial help and assistance for eligible first time buyers trying to get onto the property ladder.

These are government schemes run by authorised agents and aimed at making it financially easier for certain people to buy homes. Dircected by the government, each Housing Association has reserved a set amount of homes for key workers.

If you think this scheme could help you then contact your local HomeBuy Agent as they can go into the details of eligibility and affordability.

Home Buy Scheme – at a glance Priority is given firstly to existing social tenants and serving military personnel, then there are locally determine priorities, followed by other first time buyers who fit all the other criteria. Household income must be below £60,000 per year (higher rates apply in London)

  • You cannot have a bad credit history and must prove you can afford to take part in the scheme
  • You cannot be in mortgage or rent arrears or in breach of a tenancy agreement
  • You have to show that you cannot afford to buy what you need without help from HomeBuy.