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Single Households practical ways to make the most of your budget

1. Think about getting a lodger

The rental from letting out a spare room gives you cash every week to pay off some of the bills. The HRMC allow you to keep most of what you get from renting a room, –

Do you have to be a homeowner?

No. You can choose to take advantage of the Rent a Room scheme, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or renting your home. However, if you are renting, you should check whether your lease allows you to take in a lodger.

If you’re a mortgage payer it’s best to check whether taking in a lodger is within your mortgage lender’s and insurer’s terms and conditions.

Under the scheme, you can receive up to £ 4,250 a year tax-free if you rent out a furnished room in a residential property.

Where to get more information

Direct Gov Rent A Room Scheme

2. Look around for Mortgage Insurance

NEVER accept the quote from your Mortgage Provider without shopping around first

3. Check you’re getting the right Council Tax Discount

Are you claiming the single person entitlement for your Council Tax?

Got some ideas on how single tenants or homeowners can reduce their costs?  Use the comment form to share your ideas.