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3 Alternatives to Solo Dining

We all eat alone at some point, whether it’s grabbing some time out and something for lunch on a park bench somewhere or travelling or driving to the next place, (a programme on the BBC earlier this month reported that apparently 80% of Americans eat whilst driving, although I take the info with a pinch of salt, pardon the pun!)

Whether you quite like eating on your own or not, or it’s just the way things are, so called solo dining or eating on your own does have some advantages. Not only can you eat what you want you can also eat when you want, whether you want to something on the go or sit down at midnight or 5 o’clock  in the afternoon, it’s up to you.

So although it’s not unusual to eat alone a new study by The Big Lunch has found that the average British adult eats nearly half of all their meals alone. It also seems that around 34% of us sometimes go a whole week without eating a meal with someone else, 25% said they always eat alone at weekends, and only 35%, (that’s 1 in 3 people),  ate their evening meal with someone else, so here’s our ideas for joining up to eat:

 Three Ways to Eat and MEET

1. Join in with the Biggest ever huge (BIG) LUNCH

A very simple idea started by  the Eden Project, the aim of the BIG LUNCH is to get absolutely loads of us across the whole of the UK to have lunch with our neighbours, friends or just about anyone we want once a year in June as a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

The Big Lunch 2018

Thousands of Big Lunches have taken place in all types of communities since it started out in 2012, with more than 7 million people taking to their streets, gardens and community spaces for the seventh annual Big Lunch last year. This year’s Big Lunch takes place on Sunday 12th June (which I think coincides with a very special birthday for someone pretty important!). Anyone can join in,  host one or organise your own Big Lunch with some friends in your own garden or local community space whenever you like. FREE information packs with everything you need to get started available now from the Big Lunch.

2. Join A Single Friendly Supper Club

Brushing up your cooking skills and keen to show them off or just want to meet some new people? Why not get together with some like-minded people and join, (or even start) your own informal Supper Club

Really taking off, and not to be confused with the pressures of programmes like Come Dine With Me,  real supper clubs provide a chance to try cooking something a bit more adventurous or simply a way to meet new people and enjoy good food in the company of like-minded people, SupperClub Just4one eating out for singles_opt(enthusiasm and a bit of interest in cooking goes a long way, you certainly don’t have to be a good cook).

Whatever the reason, it’s a fun way to broaden your circle of friends, try new recipes and experience different foods in a friendly setting. Find out how they work and your nearest Supper Club.


3. Steal a Deal – treat yourself or catch up and eat out with friendseating-out-with friends just4one

Got something to celebrate or just want to go out for a meal or have an evening out with your friends.  Check out our list of real up to date eating out deals available from restaurants welcoming friends. There’s some good deals to be had and a good chance to catch up with friends old and new.