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How to find love without the internet

Are you hoping to find love this year?

We read many comments from our facebook followers  recently about how they hope to find love in 2018.  For many the internet is the first stop to find love now, but many singles are becoming disillusioned with this method for a multitude of reasons. So we ask, what did we do to find love before the internet? How did your parents find love? Are the old fashioned ways better? Have we lost our romantic ways in modern technology?  As another Valentine’s day approaches, we thought we’d take a look with you at some ways that might help you to find love without using the internet…

1. Stop looking to find love

We are often told that we must not appear “desperate” as we look to find love, as this is very of putting to potential partners. So what if we just stop looking for love altogether and let it find us? Many still believe in fate and some believe trying too hard for something just prevents it from happening. It is tempting to say “I’m not looking for love” when you still really are. So if we actually stop looking will things happen? Legend often tells us we will find love when we least expect it, but the modern world tells us to go out and get what we want. Are you prepared to stop looking and see what happens?

2. Ask your friends and family for help to find love

In the days of Jane Austen novels family would line up possible suitors based on their wealth and status, marriage was not then always based on love but that was rumoured to “follow in time”, if you were lucky. In many cultures family are still responsible for the matching of couples. So do your friends and family know better than you know yourself who you will fall in love with? Maybe and maybe not. When we are young the pool of partners in our friendship groups are many and can often lead to short term or lasting love, but this pool certainly diminishes as we get older.  However, it can certainly be worth letting your friends and family know that you are looking to find love and that you are open to meeting suitable matches.

3. Do something that YOU love doing to find love

If you are doing something you love, it naturally figures that you are likely to meet others with your common interest. So perhaps this is a good way to find love. Some interests are more likely to work here than others of course but it seems to be a good option that the common interest will provide a mutual bond and a good basis for love. So whether you have a passion for archery or zorbing make sure to keep your eye out for any potential love interest. For ideas for trying something new visit our website here.

4. Take a singles holiday to find love

So the thing about taking a singles holiday is you will enter yourself into quite a large pool of other singles, for a short time, where it is indeed likely that others will be looking for love, be that of a short term or long term nature. Problems here are that holiday love can be quite different to real love. There can be many challenges to making your holiday romance continue back home especially where you find that the practicalities of distance, availability to meet up, real life habits etc kick in. Short term love can be quite likely perhaps but the transition to long term love is a greater challenge. If you are looking for something more lasting do watch out for “players” who may indeed sweep you off your flip flops but have you returning home with a sunburnt heart.

5. Say YES to find love

If you’ve been single for a long time, or recently become single, you may find that you are on reflection quite set in your ways and just not meeting anyone new. So next time you receive an invitation make it a rule to just say yes whether you really want to go or not. As we said above, you can often find love when and where you least expect it. Let fate take a hand and maybe you will find love from one of those random Yes’s. At the least it will open up some new adventures to your normal routine.

So in summary if you want to find love this year, without using the internet, we recommend the following pointers:

  1. Stop looking, that means really stop looking
  2. Ask your friends and family for suitable introductions
  3. Do something you love doing and meet like minded people
  4. Take a singles holiday but watch out for heartbreakers
  5. Say YES and allow new things to happen


Finding love can certainly be difficult and many of us have adapted to thinking that the only way to find love now is via the internet. Why not give some of the more old fashioned ways a try and see how you get on. Good luck!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to find love without using the internet, please comment below or tell us on facebook.