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Food & Drink for Singles

Eating In or Eating Out, Pot Noodle Free Zone here!

Did you know that ………

  • More than a whacking 1.8 million of the UK’s population eat a microwave meal every day! That’s an awful lot of microwaves ‘pings’ going off up and down the land

The good news is that almost half of all single people feel that cooking from scratch is more economical than buying a ready meal; they cook in bulk and freeze the excess

  • The downside is that they’re not happy about the expense of food shopping for one, compared to two or more. Single people feel overlooked when it comes to supermarket promotions.
  • Faced with challenging times and rising food costs, almost a quarter of single home dwellers have cut back on luxury items and treats.

So whether your specialist dish is chicken vindaloo, beans on toast, or you prefer to eat out with your mates, we search out the best deals for you, keep you posted on new things to try and tips on how to make the best of your food budget, (and have some fun along the way).

Recipes for one

Tried and tested recipes for one,  quick, simple, delicious meals…

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