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Eating In – Food Shopping On A Budget For One

Making the best use of YOUR ‘single’ food budget

What’s your weekly shopping bill? Do you keep an eye on it? Are you on a strict budget?

How much is your shopping bill?

Latest government stats report an average ‘per single person’ spend of anything from £40 through to £90 per week on grocery shopping, with women spending slightly less than men.  Surprised, is that true? what do you think?

As a nation we spend around 10% of our individual income on food. Unable to take advantage of bulk buys and larger packages though, single people tend to spend a bit more. So how can you reduce your food bill? – (and still eat well)

3 ways to reduce YOUR food bill



Get a monthly Internet delivery on long lasting tins, bottles, pasta and household cleaning things. Once you’re set up, the monthly shop will take about ten minutes; saving you having to carry heavy basic shopping around, freeing you to pick up more perishable meat, fruit and veggies when you need it.

As around 17% of supermarket purchases are impulse buys you’ll waste far less and probably save money on petrol, and your time as well.



  • Deliver 7 days a week and up to 11 pm in the week
  • NOW £15 off YOUR FIRST ONLINE GROCERY ORDER when you spend £80 or more on orders delivered on or before Wens 21st Feb.  Use code SCSSEOJAN15
  • They do have a £25 minimum order value on any grocery order but if you don’t have a pass, orders over £40 will be charged a delivery fee of between £1 and £7. Orders under £40 will be charged a delivery fee of £7 for standard delivery and £9 for same day delivery where available. (There’s no delivery charge for orders over £100 booked for delivery on Monday – Thursday after 2pm good for families perhaps, but not so good for single shoppers)
  • Currently promoting yearly delivery passes: Midweek pass £30, Anytime passes £45, Yearly pass £60 also with a £40 minimum order value.


ASDA DELIVERY PASSAsda supermarket shopping for singles

  • Now 1 month free when you buy a 6 month or 12 month anytime delivery pass from £5 per month now also with a £40 minimum spend (much more practical minimum spend for a single food shop). Can order when you want and during busy periods as even popular slots won’t cost any extra. You’ll be first in line to book.
    Free trial did last for 31 days. This offer now closed, no offers at the moment, just the normal £5 per month for a 12 month delivery pass.
  • Asda also run a handy FREE click and collect service at over 600 locations.



ocado supermarket deliverySeem to have the widest range of delivery times, delivering food shopping right up to 11.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

  • New customers now get 30% off of their FIRST FOOD SHOP plus FREE deliveries for a whole year with a SMARTPASS when they spend £60 or more (use Ocado shopping voucher code VOU9141070) – offer available ends Monday 19th Feb
  • Normal minimum order value stays at £40  
  • Current customers booking a couple of days in advance can get some of the free evening delivery slots on offer each week. Prices for other delivery slots vary going up to a maximum of £5.99.


TESCO DELIVERYSAVERonline supermarket grocery shopping for single people

  • One month free trial for NEW customers and then £3.49 per month for Tues, Wens & Thurs deliveries or £7.99 for any day delivery (on a 6 month contract), when you spend £40 or more on a single order,  Covers groceries, Tesco direct, F & F clothing and wine -(by the case!)
  • Minimum spend £40 
    Deliver 7 days a week and up to 11pm on week nights

AVOID BOGOFs AND BULK BUY DEALS – How much can one person eat!?

foodshoppingsinglepeopleAvoid BOGOF – Buy One, Get One Free and bulk buy offers on food with a limited shelf life – great for toothpaste and pasta (if you can remember where you stored it) but an expensive way to waste food that you won’t get a chance to eat and goes off quickly .

Although you can freeze some cheaper  bulk offers like bread and meat easily, the time needed to prepare and cook up other foods like fruit and veg may make the offer less attractive.


Have a mate over for dinner one night a week and take it one step further be cheeky and eat at their house once a week. Means that you share cooking duties, washing up and costs. It also makes eating at home more fun. You probably won’t be serving up beans on toast.

Stuck for some practical recipes?  Double up on the ingredients and check out our recipes for one.


Fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or Lorraine Pascale? If you're brushing up your cooking skills & keen to show them off, why not get together with some like minded people and JOIN A SUPPER CLUB - or start your own own!
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