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Eating In and Eating Out, Single Friendly Supper Clubs

Brushing up your cooking skills and keen to show them off or just want to meet some new people?  Why not get together with some like minded people and join one of the many single friendly supper clubs up and down the country, (or even start your own informal Supper Club). 

Really taking off, and not to be confused with the pressures of Come Dine With Me, Supper Clubs provide a chance to try cooking something a bit more adventurous or are simply a way for busy people to enjoy good food in the company of good friends.

Whatever the reason, it’s a fun way to broaden your circle of friends, try new recipes and experience different foods.


Discover where and when your local underground restaurant or ‘pop up’ supper club is


If you’re looking to set up an informal, friendly Supper Club joined by people who all do their bit then:

  • START SMALL & KEEP NUMBERS MANAGEABLE, you want it to be fun!: – experts suggest limiting membership to 6–10 people so that the group is large enough to cover unplanned absences but small enough to fit in the average person’s dining room or kitchen.
  • GIVE YOUR CLUB A MEMORABLE NAME, names we’ve come across are  The Mad Hatter’s Supper Club to the Tapas Crew (no prizes for guessing what kind of food they eat).
  • HOLD YOUR FIRST MEETING IN A PUBLIC PLACE, like a coffee shop or pub to discuss how often you will meet; how the hosting rota will be organised; if you want to contribute dishes or wine, share costs of each meal up front, or whether each host takes turn to cover food costs (and how you will organise the cooking and clearing up).
Supper Clubs set up as money making business ventures rather than social gatherings need to comply with a range of rules, which can get complicated. Find out more from the Food Standards Agency and contact your Local Council for more information.