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Newly Single? 5 Top Tips…   Guide to social & leisure ideas for single, inspiration & information

Check out our 5 Top Tips for new singles to help you find your way…

1. Learn to appreciate being single, whatever your circumstances

While it can sometimes feel like being single means your different or one of a few, it’s just not true. There are a growing force of people out there in the same situation as you. Being single is nothing more than a state of mind. So while you’re in the single stage of life, why not celebrate?

Enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, enjoy the opportunities to meet new people and try new things. By making the most of this extraordinary time in your life, you take the pressure off  ‘if or when’ you’re going to find your perfect partner. So use this time to celebrate you and the amazing life you already have.

2. Look after yourself...

Its true, feeling good on the outside will help you feel good on the inside. Not just in superficial way, but by keeping yourself fit and healthy to. It doesn’t mean you need to start running marathons, a simple walk will do!

And yes, do make the best of yourself, appearances do matter. A ‘good hair’ day, somehow gives you lots more confidence.  When you’re having a ‘feeling thin’ day, you somehow magic up extra energy and enthusiasm.

3. Smile!

A smile lifts your spirits and people generally smile back – try it and see.

4. Enlist your friends for help

Instead of looking at your circle of happily joined up friends as a drawback, consider them an asset. Enlist their help by asking about their single friends you can join forces with.

5. Widen your social circle

If you feel that being the only savvy single in your social circle is keeping you from meeting new people and trying new things, it may be time to widen your social network.

Check out our Meeting New People feature, or start by taking a look around your current network, work colleagues, neighbours, friends of friends. Invite them to do something social and if it goes well, meet again, join forces to ‘get out there’ and do all sorts.

How would you advise new singles? Tell us your top tips.

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