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Join A Gym – Indoors or Outdoors

Yes, its time to get out of that armchair and top up your quota of endorphin’s, (the feel good chemicals that scientific types tell us are activated following a bout of exercise!)

J41 Friendly?  Gym memberships are normally priced for individuals – so no disadvantage there with plenty of opportunities to join different classes and meet new people, not too mention the feel good factor.


With around twelve leading gyms operators up and down the country with ongoing promotions (who don’t always publish membership fees online) it’s not easy to spot the best deals. Here’s what we’ve found from our search:


Fitness First – more than 160 gyms nationwide
Membership options range from 12 months gym membership for your ‘Home Club’ from £26.95 plus an initial induction fee of £24.95 if paying by Direct Debit and a new month by month ‘commitment free’ membership from £38.95.  Free one day guest passes available  so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

LA Fitness  – more than 80 gyms worldwide 
LA Fitness Gyms have swimming pools. ‘The cost of membership varies by club and the access you require’, – membership fees not published on line, although they are currently advertising half price memberships for new members joining in January.   Advised to contact your local club to find out more.  They also have  available so you can give it a go first.

David Lloyd – also have 80 gyms worldwide
Swimming, Gym and Tennis facilities available in David Lloyd Gyms. Membership fees not published on line, they also suggest  first to have a good look round and find out more. (Currently offer for anyone signing up for a one year contract before 31st January,  – check out the terms and conditions for more info).


British Military Fitness, expert in OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES now hold over 400 classes a week in over 100 parks and outdoor spaces across the UK right though the year, –  come rain or shine. Prepare to go for it and get muddy!

Each class is tailored to match the ability and fitness level of each particular group and to make full use of the outdoor space available. With the encouragement of your former or serving military trained fitness instructor you’ll be joined up with others, to train in pairs, groups and teams, climbing over, crawling under and running around each other from the first to the last minute. No special kit needed, just a good pair of running shoes. Sound good so far?

Memberships start from £30 per month. Book one of the free one hour mixed ability target BMF Start sessions taking place throughout themonth by military fitness trainers, you’ll work hard, have fun and finish with a real sense of achievement. They provide the motivation, you just need to turn up.

No joining fee and no commitment.  SPECIAL OFFER £25 joining fee. Find a class near you and join British Military Fitness this month and they’ll waive your joining fee AND offer you the option of a rolling monthly membership WITHOUT ANY minimum commitment.


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL LEISURE CENTRES. With hundreds of leisure centres around the country using your original local authority facilities might be an alternative to privately owned gyms.  Leisure Centre gyms have come a long way in recent years with many of them offering high quality health and fitness facilities.

Although they may not have the added extras like saunas, towels and a wider mix of fitness classes, you can usually pay per visit – as you go. Could be a good place to try out a gym before joining a private gym. Supported by Sport England, Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland who are aiming to get more of us exercising we’ve listed links to find your nearest leisure centre so there’s no excuse.

Your nearest leisure centre – where to find it:

Whatever gym you join, try haggling after your taster session or introductory membership period to see what deals you can get. Catching them at the right time might land you a discount.