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Hashing – Running and Drinking

What are they and where to find them

UK Hash House Harriers. ‘The drinking club with the running problem’

Everyone welcome; people coming along on their own, families, all ages and sizes.

With a membership made up of people with ‘half a mind’ (their words not mine), it’s not to be taken at all seriously. Hashing can best be summed as non competitive cross country running with drink(s) at the pub afterwards being the main feature of the day.

Sound good? – generally meeting up a the pub first  its great fun & totally non competitive and never taken seriously. No membership fees, just chip in a pound to help out with the costs.

Open to all sorts there are clubs up and down the country (and across the World so you can join in wherever you go), with all sorts of hashing clubs for all sorts with everyone welcome, families, singles,  all ages, all sizes, all themes.  All following more or less the same principle, running or mostly walking (normally three to four and a half miles), lots of fun and a drink afterwards. Check out the clip to get the general idea. They’re all nuts!


Want to give it a go?  Check out UK HASH HARRIERS  now to find clubs and hashes taking place near you.