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Hashing – Running and Drinking

What are they and where to find them

UK Hash House Harriers. ‘The drinking club with the running problem’

For those of you who haven’t heard of it the concept of hashing is simple: its where like-minded individuals go running together and stop off at a pub, normally at the end. The event organised by a club is called a hash, hash run or simply hashing, with those involved calling themselves hashers, hares or hounds.

The running course set out on the day is set out by a hare (not a real one), who heads out first and marks the trail in chalk, flour, sawdust or just about anything that will wash away and easily removed. Some Hash groups lay a series of false trails, checks, regroups and the odd drink stop towards the end or at the very end of the run. It’s basically all about fun, definitely not about winning and many people walk rather than run so there’s no need to be an athlete.

Hashing Running & Drinking Clubs

The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is a huge international group of non-competitive running social clubs and the umbrella body with clubs all around the world.

Most Hash clubs meet up every weekend, whatever the weather, holding runs on regular evenings during the summer months. Their “pack size” ranges from 10 to 60 people on each run. For those with a sense of fun Hashers look out for each other, on and off the trail. Like a community with shared values, some Hash clubs also organise other regular social events with all sorts of things going on.

Hashing can best be summed as non-competitive cross country running with drink(s) at the pub afterwards being the main feature of the day. Everyone’s welcome; people coming along on their own, families, individuals, all ages and sizes. With a membership made up of people with ‘half a mind’ (their words not ours), it’s not to be taken at all seriously.

There’s NO membership fees. Just chip in a pound to help out with the costs and with clubs up and down the country and across the world so you can join in whenever you like, wherever you go.  Everyone’s welcome, families, individuals, all ages, all sizes, all themes.  All following more or less the same principle, running or mostly walking (normally 3 – 4 miles),  lots of fun and a drink afterwards.

Here’s a great pic of the Scarborough Hash House Harriers (SH3) who meet every Monday and the occasional Sunday. They welcome anyone and everyone of all abilities and nobody gets left behind!



WANT TO GIVE IT A GO?  Check out UK HASH HARRIERS  to find clubs and hashes taking place near you now.