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Am Dram – Amateur Dramatics

Getting started, finding Am-Dram groups near you

Sometimes shortened by those in the know to Am-Dram, Amateur Dramatics is theatre performed by amateur actors (or ‘Act-tors’).

Am-Dram is attracting a growing army of people from all walks and backgrounds who want to have a go at treading the boards or help out with all the behind the scenes work involved in putting on a show. With groups in most major cities and towns running drama AND musical productions from Beauty and the Beast through to more serious theatre like Romeo & Juliet, amateur theatre is a really good way for lay people to gain acting and stage experience for simple enjoyment. All productions involve a small army of support people, so it’s a great chance to meet new people and put all sort of skills to good use.

Whats involved?

There are literally hundreds of amateur theatre groups up and down the land for wannabe thespians ranging from very small theatre groups running one production a year through to larger groups running two or three larger productions complete with orchestras, lighting and professional stage settings.

Some groups may ask you to help out backstage before you get to go on stage, other groups may let you audition straight away for their next production. No matter what the group’s policy is, helping out backstage whether moving scenery, helping with costumes or marketing and selling tickets is a good way to get started and get involved.  Break a leg!

FIND OUT MORE about the local Am-Dram groups in your area:

  • Your Local Arts Centre or Library for info on your local groups.
  • for info on the the amateur theatre community. includes useful info on the UK’s Am Dram network AND audition notices
PS if you've never acted before you could go for a small part in a Panto. Any mistakes will look like part of the show and no one will ever know!