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Join A Choir – Sing From The Rooftops

Tried Singing Lately? – Find Your Voice

Singing is a great way to de-stress and contrary to popular belief, you honestly don’t need to be an expert singer to get involved, (even Gareth Malone has his off days!) It’s a great opportunity to let off steam, forget all those traffic jams get out from behind your computer or TV screen and let off steam in a positive way.

Whatever your preferred type of singing, from classical to rock, community choir’s or chamber choir’s its a great way to meet new people, pump up your lungs and boost your confidence. Go through the week with a song in your heart!

Still mulling it over?  OK, here’s the science bit …….

German scientists have found that singing releases an increase in protein produced by the body’s immune system and a decrease in stress hormones so that  people who sing strengthen their immune system and feel a boost in their mood. Try it and see.

With more than 1,000 choirs in the UK at the last count, there are more choirs in the UK than fish and chip shops! And there’s no need to be an expert singer to get involved. Whatever type of singing you like, find a choir near you through these organisations:

The natural voice practitioners’ network are a network of people who work with voice and song, and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability. They believe in celebrating the voice you were born with, rather than trying to train it to an ideal of perfection.

  • Rock Choir – Mix of Pop, Motown & Gospel Singing  

Rockchoir rehearsals start every new term with classes available in over 150 towns across the UK. Become a member by finding your nearest Rock Choir rehearsal location, you can BOOK A FREE TASTER  to give it a try before joining. (There’s no audition and no requirement to read music).