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Learn to Dance – from Hip Hop to Tango

Learn to Dance, information and classes for all

With almost 5 million people regularly attending dance classes across England alone dancing is the fastest growing art form in the UK. Everyone’s doing it.

Ever since the birth of Strictly everyone, including the NHS, is hooked and talking about the benefits of dancing. From Hip-Hop to Salsa to Bollywood, dance fever is sweeping the nation.

Dancing is for everyone

Whether you prefer ballroom dancing, line dancing, jive, tap dance or tango, it’s a great way to enjoy yourself and get some exercise. Taking up dancing on a regular basis is great for losing weight, improving posture and muscle strength and beating stress. So while you’re meeting new people you’ll get all the health benefits of a really good workout.

Can you join a group on your own? Just how ‘single friendly’ is dancing?  Do I need to take a partner with me to learn how to dance?

You definitely don’t need a partner to learn how to dance; nearly all beginners classes start with learners with no partners.

Check our complete listing of classes by area and dance styles to suit you, literally thousands of options and up and down the country.

If you’re taking up dancing for a hobby, Dance teachers say that practicing with one partner should be avoided as you’ll be unable to adjust to other dance partners moves.

It’s best to dance with a lot of different partners so you don’t rely on one partner who will get to know your moves and compensate for your mistakes. Dance partners are normally rotated in every class.

Want to learn to Salsa?  Take a look at one of Caledonia’s Salsa dance holidays in Santiago de Cuba, home of traditional Cuban music and dance staying in homestays with NO single supplements. Caledonia’s holiday includes 27 Cuban Salsa dance classes with professional tutors, workshops, nights out at live music venues and guided cultural visits.


With a dance style out there for all, (even if you do have two left feet), here’s our quick guide to some of the most popular dance styles in the UK and where to find a dance class in your area now.

Dance Styles - open here to find a dance style and class near you



Short for the French phrase of ‘C’est Rock’ (bet you didn’t know that), Ceroc is a simplified version of Jive, similar to swing but without the fancy footwork. Its great fun, easy to learn and we’re told its the fastest growing dance style in the UK with over 150 venues across the UK.

Good fun and a bit flirty with a combination of Afro-Caribbean and Latin styles. Basic steps are easy to learn and you’ll be able to Salsa your way across the dance floor before you know it. Over 1,000 classes, groups and venues listed on this Salsa Jive site. The word Salsa is Spanish for sauce (usually hot & spicy) Enough said!

Originating from the Indian film industry, Bollywood dance is known for being upbeat, really vibrant and a colourful form of dance combining classical Indian dance forms with modern western styles like hip hop and jazz.
Now  very popular right across the world Bollywood dance classes are certainly energetic and different.

Made up of all sorts of dance, Street Dancing is made up of all sorts of styles needing quite a bit of energy and creativity from the performer, so it’s really good exercise.

Think Riverdance and you’ll get the general idea. Maybe that’s a bit ambitious to start with (Riverdance, not Tap Dancing), but good fun, gentle but good exercise for beginners working up to the more clever stuff and very popular with grown ups.

Making a comeback following you know what programme, incorporating many different styles to suit all ages and abilities from children through to older age groups.  Whatever your age or experience everyone can  learn from professional ballroom dance teachers and master those seemingly elegant steps more quickly than you think.

Ballroom dancing is a social dance so you’ll be partnered with someone of similar ability at your class, making Ballroom Dance Classes a great place to meet new people and a fun, social form of exercising. Cha cha cha!

Dance Classes - open here to find dance classes in all sorts of styles near you



List of dance schools and dance teachers approved by the Dance teachers professional standards body

Info on dance schools and dance teachers  now for all sorts of dance types in different regions

Directory of dance classes across London (originally set up by the Arts Council & Sadlers Wells Theatre)

Want to do something different and try a dance holiday? Check out our holiday section to find dance holiday companies with NO single supplements