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Independent, specialist holiday information for solo and independent travellers

Totally independent specialist holiday info for solo travellers; Holiday companies, travel info and latest holiday deals with absolutely NO single supplements

Want to go on holiday and wondering where you can get the best info and deals for singles travellers?

Whatever your reason for going on holiday and whether you are:

  • Single or an independent traveller, travelling without your partner
  • Want to go on holiday with other like minded people, single or otherwise
  • But don’t want to pay a single supplement

We will be working  hard to bring together a list of all the Holiday companies we can find, large or small, offering holidays for solo travellers who don’t charge single supplements, so if you know of any that aren’t listed here yet, PLEASE LET US KNOW NOW

Find Holiday Companies that DONT charge single supplements

Search and find holiday companies that offer holidays for solo or independent travellers

  • HOLIDAYS! – WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN. A comprehensive list of Holiday companies, large or small, offering holidays for solo travellers, – WITHOUT THOSE ANNOYING SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS & REVIEWS – what you tell us. When we get more information later, some feedback,recommendations and tips from you,– the Just4one community.
  • TRAVEL FOR ONE. GETTING THERE, anyway you can!  Keen not to repeat Steve Martins Planes, Trains & Automobiles experience?!! Check out our list of Flights. Trains, Coach or Ferry operators recommended by experts.
  • HOTELS – have any hotels out there woken up to the number of solo travellers looking for single supplement free rooms? We don’t think so. Whether business or travel, we start to take a look.
  • BEST HOLIDAY INSURANCE, – making sure you’re covered. With more travel insurance providers out there than you can shake a stick at, (and almost as many travel insurance comparison websites), we provide some top tips and list those recommended by the experts.
  • TRAVEL TIPS & TRAVEL EXTRAS. In a hurry? Check out our quick link section for all the key information you need for your holiday, from tips on visas, passports and currency converters through to linking up with ‘travel buddies’

Why Just4one?

Just4one originally came about following a look on the web for holiday ideas. If you’re an independent traveller looking for an inexpensive holiday you’ll quickly come to realise that it isn’t easy to find holidays for solo travellers.

When you do, it seems that many travel companies penalise single travellers with a single supplement.  (Yes even though there are 17 million of us!).  And so the ‘birth’ of just4one.

We know that being single means you’ve budgeted extra hard to put aside money for your holidays. So whether you’re thinking of taking to the skies, the sea or across the land for that well-earned escape from everything, getting the views and opinions from the just4one community provides a chance to check out the stuff you’ve read in brochures or on the web.

That’s why we will soon be giving you the chance to pass on your recommendations and views about your holidays and adventures to fellow just4one travellers.  So watch this space.

Packed with useful information!

With all this in mind, we’ve also listed useful information to help you plan and make the very best of your holiday, from getting there, (ideally not Steve Martins way) through to travel tips.

We’ve also got some very interesting ideas on joining up with people around the world in travel extras. We always value your feedback, so let us know if you’ve come across a good holiday company not listed here yet and if there’s any other information you’d like us to gather.

When is a deal the real deal?

A word about the real deals on our FIND A HOLIDAY section and our recent GENUINE HOLIDAY DEALS section. We’ve done our homework, they are real deals – that means they’re absolutely genuine and so also have a lifetime. We work hard to ask difficult questions and make sure they are.

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