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Finding singles holidays with no single supplements

Single Supplements for independent travellers: Are they fair?

Single supplements what are they?

Did you know that …..

Travel operators normally structure their package deals and accommodation charges on the basis that two people will travel together. Those travel operators that don’t provide for single travellers charge a single person supplement for people travelling on their own or who don’t want to share a room. Although there is a a HUGE MARKET for single travel, solo travellers are still expected to pay extra if they want a room to themselves, – anything up to 40% of the total cost of the holiday.

Despite the increase in travelling single, (up by 5% in the last 5 years), the majority of travel operators STILL charge single supplements.

Single supplements,  how to avoid them

Whilst breaks for couples are still the most popular type of holiday, around 5 MILLION Britons will be travelling on their own this year. Researchers have found that more singles than couples, one in eight of us, are likely to take long haul breaks and travel further abroad to places like South East Asia and Africa. Some travel companies have cottoned on, but despite demand and the upwards growth of independent travellers and the single population, CHARGES FOR SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS STILL CONTINUE.

Travel Companies who don’t charge single supplements

Whether you’re single, or you’ve decided for whatever reason you want to travel on your own, (there’s also a growing trend for one half of a couple to travel without their partners),  we’re here to represent YOUR interests. So whether you’re travelling on your own, or going on holiday with your mates, we don’t think it’s fair that 27% of the population should have to pay more for their holiday.  Do you?

In an ideal world it would be great if any independent travellers, single or otherwise could go on any holiday, (whether aimed at singles, couples or a mix of people), without having to pay a penalty.

THREE Types of Holiday Companies – THE BOTTOM LINE!

  1. SINGLE HOLIDAY SPECIALISTS. All their holidays are aimed at solo travellers with NO single supplements; they don’t add any single supplements at all to the price of their holidays
  2. SOME HOLIDAY COMPANIES who have recognised the growing number of independent travellers and ‘look out for you’. They have some rooms available and allocate some of their holiday places for single travellers. They’re not trying to offer singles clubs, but enabling people who want to, to join regular groups of like-minded single travellers, couples and friends all travelling together. Some of them also run special single weeks where all rooms are ‘single supplement free’ outside of peak holiday times.
  3. SOME HOLIDAY COMPANIES who say they specialise or cater for singles travellers, – but when you look at the small print in their single traveller section, you discover they don’t. They either charge a single supplement, or allocate you a room mate that you won’t have met until you get there. They’re not included on our site, but they are on our list to contact to see if they plan to offer single supplement holidays in the future alongside holiday companies that really do.

So all the holidays’ companies listed under our FIND A HOLIDAY NOW section positively WELCOME solo travellers and have all or some holidays available without single supplements. Some may be tiny independent companies, and some of them big corporate holiday companies, some may have lots of holidays and some may have limited availability.  So we hope you find our holiday info helpful. Have a great holiday!


PS If we’ve missed one and you know of a holiday company that doesn’t penalise solo travellers and isn’t listed here, LET US KNOW. We’ll check it out and include it on Just4one.