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Welcome to just4one, one stop information for singles

…although perhaps more correctly it should be called just for 17 million!

Because that’s how many of us there are in the UK – singles that is! Staggering isn’t it?

Why are people single?  Well some may be decidedly so, temporarily or otherwise.  Some of you may be surprised or regretful to find yourself single and some may be what’s called “”Living apart together””. That’s being half of a couple but deciding to live in your own home….. and perhaps your own interests.

We’re confident that this will be a great resource for you all.

One stop resource, information & great ideas for single people

Here’s what you’ll find:

We’re also going to have a bit of a rant on your behalf from time to time. To start with we’ll politely champion your cause and – if that doesn’t work – we’re going to make a general nuisance of ourselves. If there’s anything you think we should know about in terms of ‘singles unfairness’, now’s your opportunity to get someone on side.

So whatever your single  circumstances, temporary or otherwise, we’ll be taking a positive approach to single status in all sorts of ways.

We’re excited, we hope you are too – spread the word!


Julia & everyone at J41

PS Its early days yet, but its’ taken a lot of  hard, but enjoyable work to get to this point. We are really passionate and some would say nuts about Just4one, so we hope you like what we do. If you do or don’t we welcome your feedback and views on other info you’d like to see included.

What’s best about being single? Whats the toughest bit? Are there any disadvantages?
What other information would you like to see on Just4one?
Tell us what you think.

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