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5 ways to enjoy being single at Christmas

Are you single at Christmas… again?

Being single can be challenging at any time of the year, but for many, being single at Christmas offers more than a few additional challenges. The festive season somehow accentuates your day to day emotions and rips into any weaknesses leaving you feeling sad, lonely and even worthless. We look below at how you might turn being single at Christmas into a more enjoyable time.

1. Change your – single at Christmas – mindset

Although this may sound simple, and even insulting… hear us out… let’s consider “what is Christmas?”

Christmas is a religious festival, a time of giving, a family get together, a time of joy, a time of mass consumerism, a time of marketing overload, a time of excess, a time of pressure, a time of arguments, a time of drunkenness, a time of getting into debt….

Or is it just ONE DAY out of 365 DAYS in a year… it’s a Public Holiday paid day off, a day to do exactly what you want to do, a day to EMBRACE your single freedom.

Christmas now seems to start right after Bonfire night, but actually it is just one day. It is easy to begin dreading Christmas months before it comes but by doing this you are only hurting yourself at the end of the day. Keep your perspective, stay in the moment and focus on the positives that being single at Christmas could provide.

The above said, we do recognised that many people have serious emotional issues related to this time of year, for this we recommend trying some EFT. There are many EFT videos available online to follow for a diy approach, best to see a qualified therapist if your issues are deep.

2. Self indulge – single at Christmas – at home

There is a lot of pressure at Christmas to go out, spend money, visit friends, visit family you may not even like, be the designated driver and so on. Well, hear this… when you are single at Christmas you can do WHATEVER you want to do. YES you really CAN. We think in this busy, frantic world, it can be great therapy to just say NO to going out on this one day. Why not prepare the greatest festive DUVET DAY in history. Your favourite food, favourite TV, favourite DVDs, favourite music, favourite tipple (although we would say we don’t recommend solo drunkenness very highly), favourite PJs, favourite bath, and any damn thing else that you want to do on your best ever single at Christmas indulgence day. Switch off your phone and your social media. Today is ALL ABOUT YOU.

3. Get outdoors – single at Christmas – the active way

If you are more of an active person, we would recommend if you are single at Christmas that you GET OUT and about. A good walk in the countryside or coast can be very uplifting. If you are a cyclist then the roads should be pretty quiet for most of the day, so get out and RIDE. Pop a mince pie, a hot drink and a miniature snifter into your back pack and enjoy. If you fancy some company there are walking groups and biking groups that offer Christmas day activities. This great tool on Rambers will show you what’s available in your area. Click for Christmas Day walks. Or take a look on or for any activity groups near you.

4. Solo holiday – single at Christmas – just get away from it all

Why not just get away from it all with other singles on a dedicated Singles holiday? Head for the beach, the mountains or ANYWHERE you damn well fancy. Singles holidays are also available in the UK if your budget is lower, or you could organise your own with friends, friends of friends and unite all those Christmas dreaders in one happy place.  If you are lucky you might grab a late deal bargain although flights do tend to fill fast so you may be wiser to book early to be sure of getting what you want. See our Find your solo traveller holiday page for a run down on travel companies that specialise in holidays for one.

5. Volunteering – single at Christmas – the gift of giving

As we said above Christmas is a time for GIVING. This is often forgotten in the modern world – but what better gift can you give than your precious time.  Giving also has the great advantage of making you FEEL GOOD. You can meet new people and perhaps become part of a community during other times of the year too. Take a look at our Volunteer, Get involved and make a difference page. You may well be too late to organise something for this year, organisations have to plan what they do well in advance, so why not make yourself a promise to do this for next year… and the year after…

So in summary if you are single at Christmas this year we recommend the following options:

  1. Stay positive of mind
  2. Indulge yourself
  3. Get outdoors
  4. Get away from it all
  5. Give to others


Christmas really is just another day. Make of it what you can, the choice is really yours to enjoy or not to enjoy. For those who are alone and struggling on the day, our facebook page will be open for reaching out and sharing your day, change can take time but it is yours for the taking. Merry Christmas from the just4one team.

We’d love to hear what positive ideas you have for being single at Christmas, please comment below or tell us on facebook.