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Single Friendly Houseparty Holidays

Time to (House) Party? Natural Interaction!

Looking to avoid busy holiday periods or beat the holiday price increases when schools break up? Then whether you’re looking for something really really active, just active, or easy going and a wee bit more leisurely think about going on a specially put together house party style holiday.

We’ve found 4 great, but very different early summer holidays with house party themes.  Everything from a cultural experience and walking holiday in the Pyrenees with a couple/single guest mix,  2 different houseparty style holidays in Crete, through to an unadulterated adventure & inspirational experiences on the Welsh coast. Something for every taste and style themed in a house party style. Definitely and absolutely not dating holidays, they’re holidays with optional icebreaker activities or the opportunity to meet new people in a natural environment, socialising in the company of like-minded travellers.

4  great value Houseparty style holiday ideas with NO single supplements

1. Relaxed summer sun and laid back houseparty style holidays staying in small friendly family run hotel in Tsilvi on the east coast of Crete with 7 & 14-night stays throughout May & June
2. 5 days of ‘unadulterated adventure and inspirational experiences’ on the beautiful Welsh National Park coastline’ all shared with a group of like-minded single adventure seekers staying at the ‘laid back’ 5-star Eco-lodge in June
3. Relaxed House Party style holidays with a personal touch, Spanish cultural experience and walking in the Basque countryside
4. Singles only concept holidays also in small family run hotel in Crete catering exclusively for independent travellers. Authentic food with icebreaker activities in a natural environment.

Finding holiday options that provide a mix of fun, activity, relaxation and the opportunity to meet new people without any behind the scenes attempts at dating can be tricky. Houseparty style holidays could be an option, find out more about houseparty style holidays here >>

What mix of holiday features do you look for in a holiday? Can you recommend a really good holiday you’ve had that achieved just the right mix for you? Tell us your views.