17 million single people and counting

Totally dedicated to representing YOUR interests

Welcome to just4one, one stop information for single people
…although perhaps more correctly it should be called just for 17 million!

Because that’s how many of us its estimated that there are in the UK – single people that is! And the numbers growing. Staggering isn’t it?

The secret’s in our name. Just as it says on the tin just4one has been set up to provide a one-stop source of great ideas, inspiration and really useful information for single people. Looking to make your life easier and act as your champion.

Whether your single status is temporary or permanent, planned or otherwise there’s a whole bunch of good reasons why you might be looking for ‘information for one‘…

Why are people single?  Well some may be decidedly so, temporarily or otherwise.  Some of you may be surprised or regretful to find yourself single and some may be what’s called “Living apart together”. That’s being half of a couple but deciding to live in your own home….. and perhaps your own interests.  (And to add to all that, people normally part of a couple but who choose to holiday independently, – the fast-growing trend for independent travellers looking for travel tips and supplement free holidays).

We’re confident that this will grow to be a great resource for you all.

Helping you get the most out of life…

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • All sorts of Travel Tips and information about Holiday Companies for solo travellers – that don’t charge single supplements
  • Social & Leisure ideas – ideas on all sorts of interests and ideas to meet new people, grow your friends, join in and just generally expand your horizons and enjoy single life.
  • Food & Drink for one – shopping on a budget, all sort of cooking and recipe ideas for one, eating in and eating out – and more.
  • Your Home, what we call the ‘single housing challenge’– finding a new place, keeping your old place, keeping your costs down amongst ever rising housing costs.
  • Money & Finance on a budget – snapping up those discounts, making your money go further
  • Online & Offline dating – if you are looking for a partner, the best way to use them, the worst things to avoid!

Sometimes, there seems to be a bit of unfairness going on out there, so we may have a bit of a rant on your behalf from time to time. If there’s anything you think we should know about in terms of ‘singles unfairness’, now’s your opportunity to get everyone out there on side.

So, whatever your single circumstances, temporary or otherwise, we’ll be taking a positive approach to single status in all sorts of ways.

We’re excited, we hope you are too – spread the word!


PS TELL US WHAT YOU THINK. We’re really passionate, and slightly mad about providing a good resource for one, so we hope you like what we do.  If you do, or even if you don’t, we truly welcome your feedback and your views on what you would like to see included.