Housing Associations for Single People

Housing Associations for Single People and One Person Households How they work Housing associations are separate organisations from councils, but often work closely with them to offer, and in some cases build, flats and houses for as many local people in need of housing, as they can. This includes those people who may have originally applied

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Local Authority Housing for Single People

Getting a local council owned rental property Can a single person get a council flat? Anyone who is eligible can apply for council housing, but homes are normally offered to the people who your local council consider need them the most, so in all reality single people in normal everyday circumstances are highly unlikely to be offered

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Rental Agents & Legal Information for Single Tenants

Finding Private Rented Housing Where to look for your next home and where single tenants can get the best independent advice Private rented housing is a vital and growing part of the housing market with more than 4.5 million homes rented in England alone. Unsurprisingly, people who rent their homes from the private sector, move

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Housing Benefit & Bedroom Tax – a guide for single people

What do recent changes to Housing benefit mean for single people renting social housing or council properties?    If you live in a housing association home or a council home, there are now rules referred to as the ‘bedroom tax’ or ‘under occupancy charge’ limiting the amount of housing benefit you can receive if you

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Tenancy Deposit Schemes (TDP) a guide for single tenants

Best TDP Schemes: Don’t let YOUR hard earned deposit get away! Mindful how difficult it can be for single tenants in particular to pull together their deposit here's a simple guide to the official deposit schemes that a Landlord should use.  Make sure you get your certificate showing where your deposit has been placed before

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Housing and Housing Associations for Women

Rental Options for Single Women Are there Housing Associations exclusively for Women?  Unusual as it may seem, a few housing  associations  have been set up to cater either mainly or exclusively for woman.  Some, but not all of them, have been set up to help women finding themselves in exceptionally difficult circumstances and of those that

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The new rental laws: No more rip offs & excessive fees

The Tenant Fees Act and how the new rental rules effects single tenants After more than 2 years of debate and working its way through parliament the ban on what for some agents has been a free for all on unfair letting charges in England,  came into force on the 1st June. This is

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